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Sometimes sexual reproducers have kids that have a mutation that protects them from a given disease—the offspring with the mutation survive to mate and pass it down the generations.

Plus, if you can just clone yourself, you can propagate the species without finding a partner.

But asexual reproducers are simply cloning themselves, so they don’t benefit from this mixing. Species tend to produce more offspring than the environment can support, and the ones that have beneficial variations survive and pass the genes responsible for them down to their kids.

The weak get weeded out, and thus does a species adapt to its environment and its predators.

Males have it easy: They just produce energetically cheap sperm.

Females also have to be careful when choosing a mate because they want to ensure their kids get good, strong genes.

So both options have their ups and downs, but its with sexual reproduction where things get real interesting.

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Does a free adult cam site exist introduction

Does a free adult cam site exist

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