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James rhine dating rachel big brother

We pick up at the Ho H competition and Ari tells us she needs to win the Ho H and assure her part of the final four. Omarosa says she can't compete, but she still has a little hope in Miss Colombia, Ari.

She feels comfortable with Ari wins she won't see the block.

Ari says she's all alone in the game and now she just needs to trust Ross that she is not the target. She sees the numbers on the other side of the board. She gets up and falls again, and then one more time.

She matches Baby Ariadna as day 6 and Keshia went home on day 13. She says as a BB superfan she knew when she entered to remember the dates. She says she will not be playing Peter Pan on Broadway anytime soon.

Ari says she looks very funny, like a little baby horse trying to walk. Ari tells us she's struggling and her hands are sweating and she's trying so hard to hang in. Ari says it makes her very sad because she needed to win that competition.

Marissa says she is flying back and forth, but if she's the last one standing she guarantees her spot in the final four. Ross tells us it's him and Mark and he trusts Mark totally, but he's going to let Mark know if he lets him win then he will be safe. Mark tells us they start talking and even though he feels safe with Ross winning this Ho H is the only way to ensure you make the final four.

Now after a season of drama, epic competition, and celebrity hi-jinks, it all comes down to this.

Who will rise to power, who will be evicted, and who will ultimately be crowned the winner of a quarter of a million dollars. Find out tonight on the two-hour finale of Celebrity Big Brother!

He never thought he would get to experience something like this.

Omarosa says Ross got another Ho H thrown at him, well done. Ross is guaranteed a spot in the final four, but no one else is safe. Ross has been playing all sides of the house all game long.

It's safe to say his nominations could be his biggest move yet. Ross tells her they are all going to protect her and Ari tells us she doesn't really feel safe with this deal.

He says this Ho H win is huge and it gives him one last opportunity to get Omarosa out. Ross wants Mark to promise if Omarosa wins veto and takes herself off, he wants Mark to vote Ari out. Ross tells Marissa he meant what he said to Mark, he was never going to let go. Ross says he gets emotional thinking about him being able to win the game. Ross says they just can't let Omarosa win the veto. She reads the directions and her job is to match the correct dates to each story about a HG.

He says growing up there was no one like him on television and if he can do it, then maybe other people out there will think they can do anything too. Ross tells us his hands are kind of tied with these nominations, but he needs to make sure Ari understands and has his back. They must climb across the monitor and match the days to the story. Once they think they have all the answers correct they can hit enter to lock in their answer.

She locks in her time and she's 100% sure of her answers so she's hoping someone else screws up.

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James rhine dating rachel big brother introduction

James rhine dating rachel big brother

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