Vancouver dating scene bad

These experiences led Mundle to come up with an idea of creating short videos about bad dates, which he decided instead to turn into a series of scripted half-hour episodes.

Mundle worked with friend and fellow actor Michael Goudge, who plays “sexual philanthropist” Michael Robinson, to write the series.

“If you’re single and dating anywhere, you’re still going to probably have an online dating horror story.” Two more episodes of Single & Dating in Vancouver are on the way, and then the team hopes to raise funds to produce another three episodes to complete the season.

So we've taken it upon ourselves to put the PDX back in its place, and remind everyone that, in the words of famed poet Sir Mix-a-Lot, people in "Seattle ain't bulls**tting"…

The first episode, which was released earlier this month, has Troy and his friends exploring online dating. Like his character Troy, Mundle moved to Vancouver from Toronto in 2005.

Not knowing anyone in the city, he decided to try online dating.

The series, created by local actors, focuses on Troy (played by Troy Mundle), an actor who recently moved to Vancouver from rural Ontario and is ready to meet the right woman and settle down.

Troy shares his frustrations of being single in Vancouver with best friend Michael Robinson, a yoga-practising womanizer, his sassy co-worker Sheri Wilson, and up-and-coming real estate agent and single dad Chad Mayweather.

unless they tell you that one of these 10 reasons Portland kinda sucks isn't totally true. Let's face it: Bigger is better -- The Seattle metro wins by around 1.3 million people. Seattle's got a killer music scene -- Whether we're talking influential musicians (Jimi Hendrix, Quincy Jones, Kurt Cobain, etc.), radio stations (KEXP vs… ), or methods of celebrity suicide, when it comes to musical battles, Portland's bringing a knife to a shotgun fight. And speaking of sports -- We've got an NFL team that's expected to contend for the title, a baseball team that… Man, Portland's economy sucks -- Here're some facts: Our median family income is 50% higher than yours, less of our full-time workers live in poverty, our houses are worth more but we spend less of our money on 'em, and your unemployment rate is higher.

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The good, bad and the really ugly of Vancouver’s dating scene. Don’t have a date? No problem, come anyway, you might meet your perfect match at the show. 
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Tickets Tonight ticket reservation. Vancouver TheatreSports pokes fun at Vancouver’s notorious dating scene with. the bad and the ludicrous of Vancouver's. 
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Here are some options for Vancouver dating. Men's 2017. A lot of men complain about the Vancouver dating scene. sophisticated approach to dating in Vancouver”. 
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Vancouver dating scene bad introduction

Vancouver dating scene bad